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Presented by Derrick Denis, Vice President of Indoor Environmental Quality for Clark Seif Clark

Original live broadcast date: July 14, 2016

“Green Buildings,” for all their merits and good intentions, can be flawed when it comes to occupant comfort and occupant health. Green buildings are often carefully designed and constructed to use recycled, recyclable, locally produced, renewable, and/or energy efficient materials. But indoor environmental quality or IEQ is habitually low on the priority list of even the most vigilant of green designers and builders. Aside from simply overlooking IEQ, green buildings are often plagued by the “Devil that we don’t know.” New unproven building materials or techniques applied to save money or save the environment can wreak unexpected consequences on IEQ. A building, like your body, is a collection of systems. These systems work independently and collectively in a complicated puzzle. Insult, remove, or damage one piece of the puzzle, and the entire structure (or person) can become compromised.