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Jeffrey C. May, Principal Scientist at May Indoor Air Investigation, LLC

Original live broadcast date: August 17, 2017

Sampling techniques can sharpen an IAQ investigator’s ability to identify IAQ-problem sources, many of which are surprising. This webinar will examine the importance of surface sampling and review some of the unique sampling techniques developed by the speaker over his 25 plus years of experience in the field. These techniques include “pat” sampling using Petri dishes in new ways, obtaining samples from an inaccessible A/C plenum, utilizing propane gas or a radon fan to detect sewer gas leaks and an exhaust fan to find odor sources, and testing at outlets to find evidence of mold within a wall cavity. Useful tools will be reviewed, including a TIF 8800 combustible gas detector, an extension mirror, and yes – even a small squirt bottle, and a paper towel. Some problems with lab reports will be discussed. The presentation is based on the speaker’s experience and education.