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Join us as we dive into the union of IAQ and Indoor agricultural farming. With the unpredictable climate changes, farmers are moving indoors to grow vegetation (even cannabis) and with indoor agriculture there is an need for measurements and monitoring – O2, CO, CO2, Humidity, Temperature, Mold, etc…. Even Universities like Cornell are getting in on the game (

Steve Pascuzzo of Testo Inc. will present a clear understanding of the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) vertical market. Why it’s the future of where Agriculture is going? CAPex expenditures and sales numbers, Who are the major participants in your regions and how to position your services? What are they looking to measure and why?

( is a German based company that produces portable field instruments that makes the IAQA professionals ahead of all others. Their tools in our hands will provide real-time field readings.

If you are looking to expand your capabilities, this webinar will be a good place to start.

Presented by Steve Pascuzzo of Testo, Inc.