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Occupant related complaints have led to a rise in SPF insulation investigations. Many of these investigations are conducted by those who have little understanding of SPF insulation and how it can alter the indoor environment even when correctly installed. The investigation of SPF related occupant complaints must begin with the installed condition of the SPF. Not with the collection of air samples for chemicals to confirm the theory that the SPF is misapplied. This presentation will help the participants understand how to inspect installed SPF. The physical inspection of the applied SPF is to establish if the applied SPF is installed correctly; and therefore' excluded as the cause of the occupant complaint, or misapplied, and the possible cause of the occupant complaint. All other areas of the home, attic, and HAVC system must be inspected to also be included or excluded as contributors to the occupant complaint. SPF investigations can be categorized in three distinct categories. Using the three categories forces those investigating SPF complaints to do much more than just collect air samples for chemicals possibly associated with SPF. The three assessment categories will help those who have allegedly misapplied SPF establish the installed condition of the SPF and identify any other possible contributors to the occupant complaint. Anyone investigating SPF complaints must address and exclude each category to scientifically include any of the categories. Category 1 - Misapplied SPF: The actual condition of the installed SPF; Category 2 - Non-SPF Contributors: Pre-existing conditions and HVAC design considerations for SPF; Category 3 - SPF Sensitization: Premature occupancy or exposure during application.