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Presenter Bio: Jeffrey May

Jeffrey C. May is principal scientist at May Indoor Air Investigations LLC, located in Tyngsboro, MA. His company investigates moisture, odor and mold problems throughout the U.S. Jeff is the author and co-author, along with Connie L. May of “My House is Killing Me!” (2020) second edition, and My Office is Killing Me! (2006), and, of “The Mold Survival Guide” (2004), and Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips, (2008), all published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Jeff received his master’s degree in organic chemistry from Harvard University and served an adjunct faculty member at UMass Lowell. He was inducted into the IAQA Hall of Fame in 2018 and has presented at many IAQ conferences.


Presentation Description:

For the last twenty-five years, I have investigated thousands of homes, schools, and offices spaces; and have examined by microscopy over 35,000 air and dust samples. In many of these investigations, I have been surprised by some of the indoor sources of allergens. I will discuss some of my many interesting IAQ cases, which include exposures from couches, carpets, bedding, and even clothing.  I will describe several novel ways to gather samples, including the use of Air-o-Cell cassettes and scotch tape; and I will include examples of remediation efforts that succeed and those that do not, and why. My presentation will include case studies, photographs of conditions I have observed, and micrographs from samples that I examined.