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Presenter Bio: Dave Greb

Dave is an author, teacher, inventor. He's a Research assistant for Physics professor, nuclear physicist, and medical doctor. Winner of EPA's 1992 Innovative Radon Mitigation Design Competition (Practical Category). Currently a Healthy Indoors Advisor.

Presentation Description:

Minimizing Exposure to Airborne Toxic and Radioactive Pollutants that are Accumulating in Your Brain and Body

In the USA, the average existing home has:

An air exchange rate that varies more according to wind speed and stack-effect than according to the level required to protect health and minimize utility bills.
No instruments to monitor indoor air levels of carbon monoxide, VOCs, particles, etc.
No means to provide fresh filtered air at a controlled rate to prevent excessive indoor levels of carbon monoxide, VOCs, toxic and radioactive particles, etc.
Elevated average levels of airborne pollutants that slowly accumulate in body and brain tissues of occupants and contribute to development of cancer, dementia, a weakened immune system, cardiovascular disease, etc.
An unnecessarily excessive average monthly total of mortgage and utility bills.
Example: If the Interest Rate on a 30-year mortgage is 4%, then for each $100 reduction in total annual payments for utilities (electricity, fuel, and water), the buyer can invest up to $1,745 to upgrade the home without increasing the total mortgage and utility payments-per-year.

Our research team found accumulations of toxic and radioactive elements in tissues throughout the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient, and in every sample of cancer tissue. We found that smoke particles have a very high ratio of surface area to weight so they can accumulate substantial quantities of toxic and radioactive radon progeny from the air before entering our brains via the olfactory bulb and our bodies via the lungs. Radon progeny, such as Lead-210 enter a cell and remain there until the cell dies. Alpha and beta particles emitted by radon progeny can cause a cell to die, mutate, or become senescent.

Our research group includes a physics professor,  a nuclear physicist, a medical doctor, and me. We discussed practical ways to improve indoor quality in a peer-reviewed published paper titled:

Analyses of human tissues, including brain, containing environmental toxic metal-tagged combustion particulate matter PM 2.5  

Airborne particles are a modifiable risk. IAQA members can help their clients by:

Providing systems to monitor and control indoor air quality.
Providing information about the benefits of living in a home that is tight, highly insulated, and adequately ventilated with fresh filtered air. 


National Geographic Magazine, April 2021 article about Pollution’s Toll on the Body listed the following parts of the body that are harmed by dirty air: brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, endocrine system, renal system, reproductive system. 
An EPA Energy Star survey found that the resale value of a home typically increases up to $300 for each $1 reduction of average monthly utility bills.