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Presenter Bio: Andre Alphonso

Mr. Alphonso is a Graduate Biomedical Engineer. He is currently working as an Industrial Hygienist in Austin, and has experience with employee chemical exposure assessments and with projects to monitor and improve indoor air quality at multiple commercial facilities in Central Texas. Andre has a foundational understanding of how indoor air quality can be improved using appropriate ventilation and filtration techniques.

Presentation Description:

As the COVID pandemic progresses, people are returning to their offices, schools and community spaces. As they do, we need to ensure that these spaces are safe, especially if procedures to make safer spaces can be easily implemented. The primary infection pathway of COVID-19 is via respiratory airborne droplets. Setting the temperature and the relative humidity of the air at specified levels can reduce the distance that these droplets can travel, and decrease the amount of time the droplets remain airborne. Various methods can be used to identify disease transmission hotspots - at these locations, air filtering devices can be used in tandem with sensors that report air quality parameters in real time. Being able to explain indoor air quality parameters to building occupants can be a powerful way to re-establish comfort and assurance in shared indoor spaces.