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Presenter Bio: Daryl DeJean

Daryl DeJean works closely with owners and operators of the built environment to address indoor air quality issues. His goal is to identify and implement comprehensive solutions to improve indoor air quality mitigating the introduction/spread of harmful organisms (viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi) minimizing the risk of transmission of infectious diseases both airborne and surface. His continued focus has been centered on the fact that HVAC and air handling systems can be a vector for transmitting disease-causing pathogens and other harmful biological agents throughout indoor spaces. The good news is these same systems are an excellent delivery mechanism for air purification technology. Daryl became involved in such issues when he was a Director of Facilities and continued his work since. He is very engaged because poor indoor air quality creates a risk to public health and contributes to the loss of tens of billions of dollars annually. And we spend 90% of our time indoors. As a past voting member of ASTM, Daryl understands the necessary testing and demonstrations required to validate solutions is situ. He looks forward to the opportunity to share this exciting revolutionary solution, conduct in situ demonstrations and assessments to validate in the indoor environment.

Presentation Description:

The time has arrived to revolutionize IAQ keeping it top of mind due to the impact on productivity, performance, health and wellness!

IAQ has always been an issue we all have had to properly address utilizing the best possible solution. The recent pandemic raised awareness to the importance of IAQ emphasizing how important proper IAQ impacts the spread of diseases. The time has arrived to keep IAQ as top of mind and deliver solutions tailored to customer needs.

Imagine providing a sustainable proven safe indoor air environment that can address common and future health and wellness issues. Implement an IAQ strategy offering peace of mind to all that work, reside or visit your establishment whether it be a educational institution, restaurant, hospital/healthcare facility, office, food processing, grocery, retail, athletic or mode of transportation. With the goal of providing a "breathe of safe fresh air," utilize all the tools possible (IoT) to report and track your indoor air environment.

Advances in IAQ technology systems are making it possible to create either single solution or layered solutions addressing your key concerns of your indoor air environment. Utilizing IoT, it is now possible to track and create an audit trail allowing you to have an "early warning system" identify when an issue may be developing. Set parameters to trigger alarms indicating the pending issue whether it be microbial or VOC.