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The built environment today is being challenged more than ever to offer solutions which provide for a healthy and energy efficient space for occupants with the ability to monitor and track successful outcomes. 

Electronic and reactive air cleaning technologies can provide for an energy efficient means to improve air and surface disinfection at an occupant level. There has been a conflation of confusing data about these technologies, some new and some studied though time. 

This presentation will focus on the science of these technologies, the methods of micro-organism deactivation that electronic and reactive technologies can offer and modes of operation and application. This presentation will educate on what these technologies can and cannot do. What studies and information have been complied and how these technologies can be incorporated into a layered approach to provide answers to the health and safety of occupied spaces in today’s built environment. 

Also, this paper will study methods of continuous monitoring of indoor air quality and how this data can be used to improve indoor conditions. 

Presented by: Anthony Abate