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Goal: Understand how to better operate and maintain buildings to ultimately prevent indoor air quality problems from happening. Also, gain an understanding of how many aspects of operation and maintenance can both improve and degrade indoor air quality.

Lesson 1: HVAC

Objective – Understand how ventilation, filtration, and humidity control plays a critical role in preventing IAQ problems. Also, understand how preventative maintenance of the HVAC system can help prevent IAQ issues.

Lesson 2: Managing Chemicals

Objective – Apply the four simple rules for managing on-site chemicals. Also, learn to better manage material safety data sheets to comply with federal laws.

Lesson 3: Entry Systems

Objective – Identify the three key elements of an effective entry system.

Lesson 4: Remodeling

Objective – Apply guidelines to ensure the student’s next remodeling project minimizes the risk of IAQ problems.