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Presenter Bio: Bob Krell

Bob is president of IAQ Technologies, Inc., a Syracuse, NY-based indoor environmental firm he founded in 1990, offering consulting, mitigation, and training services to a variety of clients throughout the United States and abroad. He has designed/managed a significant number of successful IAQ/IEQ projects for residential, commercial, educational, and healthcare facilities, and conducted hundreds of investigations since 1990. He co-founded IAQNET, LLC in 2013, and serves as the publisher of its Healthy Indoors® Magazine and the Healthy Indoors® Online Global Community platform. Bob is the Producer/Director and host for the online video series, The Healthy Indoors Show, along with numerous other industry video projects and online events, and is the Training Director for live distance learning offerings through He has presented at numerous industry conferences, appeared on national television and radio, produces educational classes, videos and webinars, and is widely published on indoor environmental topics. Bob is an ACAC Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) and Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS), a LEED-AP®, and an NYS-licensed Mold Assessor.

Presentation Description:

The recent global pandemic has brought concerns about our indoor environments to the forefront.  As an industry, we find ourselves at a crossroads; with the opportunity for unparalleled advancements and growth, while sitting on the edge of the abyss of worldwide climate disaster and economic collapse.  Existing organizations are vying to remain relevant – to retain members and attendees for their events.  While, simultaneously, new organizations are springing up to fight for a piece of the action. 
in the indoor environmental industry, the marketplace is poised to experience significant change, both for the providers of IAQ/IEQ services and products and for the organizations that provide support for those companies. There are opportunities for monumental growth, but also monumental failure.  
This is a brave new world for our profession, or is it? Writer and philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Let that not be true of us.
The 1990s were the formative years of this industry.  That decade and each since has brought events that have created great opportunity for the those committed to improving Indoor Air Quality and Environments.  Some of those opportunities to make a difference were realized.  Many were not.  
From the perspectives of a practitioner and of a journalist focused exclusively on this industry, we will share lessons learned from forty years of front-line experience – lessons that can help you and our industry fulfil its promise.  Lessons that may help each of us to succeed and help our profession to make a difference during this time of global reckoning.