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Presenter Bio: Jan Canty

Dr. Canty was born, educated and widowed in Detroit. During the last weeks of her post-doctoral fellowship, her spouse went missing and was later found deceased. Pressure from the media and public nudged her to leave Detroit altogether. She moved to the heartland and did not speak of her spouse's death for 30 years. Today she is an active advocate for other so-called homicide and suicide survivors. Dr. Canty has a podcast entitled "Domino Effect of Murder", now in its third season, heard in 20 countries. She authored her true crime memoir "A Life Divided" and is soon to release her second book, a resource guide, entitled "What Now? Navigating the Aftermath of Homicide and Suicide." She has spoken to law enforcement, the general public, members of the death care industry and others on the topic of the homicide survivor experience.


Presentation Description:

Homicide and suicide survivors, reeling from the violence, are doubly impacted when the death occurs inside their home or business.  Bereft with grief and hobbled by stress and ignorance, we secondary crime victims are ripe for exploitation.  This presentation will describe crime scene cleanup from the perspective of the family member and reinforce the need to teach, instill and deliver the highest technical, ethical, and educational standards of bio-recovery specialists.

Learning objectives:

l)   Understand crime scene cleanup  from the perspective of the consumer

2)  Determine ways to better connect with homicide and suicide co-victims

3)  To reinforce the need for professional standards