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Presenter Bio: Ron McMahan

Mr. McMahan’s background in advanced systems from robotics, instrumentation, sensors, communications and cloud-based platforms provides SGS the insight to develop leading edge offerings to simplify, automate or enhance the way EHS functions are performed for our clients. His background as an expert in the environmental field increases the importance of accurate defensible data and understanding of the requirements of lab or real time devices to provide the best options for valid data. Ron’s industrial engineering degree from Texas Tech is the fundamental for reducing related cost and time using automation. The ongoing development of systems to eliminate redundancy and waste also provides an improvement in overall data quality.

Presentation Description:

With the increase in indoor quality monitors throughout the world, the need for calibration is not going away if indeed you’re looking to implement a professional air quality program. Having thousands of air monitors in the field, calibration recommendations still fall within a monthly to annual program. This presentation will review the lessons learned and findings that may have never been realized without such an enormous amount of calibrations occurring within a short period of time. The effects of background gas levels, the effects of flow rate and pressure, the effects of environmental elements, are all critical in establishing accurate indoor quality monitors for CO2, CO, particles, temperature, humidity, and VOCs. We will review the methods, the impacts, and the results of such a major effort and how it can help establish protocols to make indoor quality monitors effective.