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Carl Grimes, Hayward Healthy Home Institute

We know what a home is, but there is no operational definition for health. Without a set of identifying characteristics of a “healthy home” how can we assess a home as either healthy or unhealthy? How can water damage restoration or mold remediation return a home to a healthy state if we don’t know what constitutes health? The World Health Organization has a defintion of health, but it hasn’t been updated in 75 years. Today’s world is rapidly becoming threatened by forces altering traditional assumptions of a healthy indoor environment, especially for homes. A definition is rapidly becoming a necessity if, for no other reason, so we can help our clients navigate through the morass of the astounding claims of “magic marketing words.” This presentation will outline a description of “health” that can guide IEQ inspectors and contractors for both the application to on-site evaluations and to provide guidance to clients.